Our products fit into critical processes in the industrial and medical markets. The importance of efficient filtration and separation in applications such as air drying, air purification and more can save time, money and even lives.

If you don't see a product that fits your needs or if you have specifications that must be met, you can check our applications or contact us. Our colleagues are more than willing to help you.


Absolute and nominal Biflex series pleated cellulose polyester cartridges are the benchmark for critical industrial applications that demand optimal fluid filtration.


Developed to protect the lubrication systems in power station turbines, ENVIROSEP can safeguard any industrial lubrication and hydraulic system at risk from varnish formation.

Flex & Ultrafit Series

The Flex & Ultrafit series, available in a wide range of configurations designed for easy replacement, offers high-performance filter cartridges for most commercial and industrial applications.


FluidPro Membrane Air Dryers were designed to dehydrate compressed air and withstand the physical stresses of pressure cycling and piston air compressor systems.


Zero footprint. Zero electricity. Zero condensate. The revolutionary FluidPro® Hover high-capacity Membrane Air Dryers protect against condensation in compressed air systems with high flow rates.

FLUIDPRO purge port

FluidPro® Membrane Air Dryers can be supplied with a Purge Control port to allow users on/off control, flow rate control and the option to use other purge gases than the one being dehydrated.

HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier

HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier acts as a heat and moisture exchanger to help maintain the humidity and thermal energy in fuel cells for optimal operation and longevity.


Compressor Inlet HEPA Filter/Silencer (DBF Series) is a compressor inlet HEPA filter and silencer which removes bacteria, atmospheric dust and debris found in intake air and typical oxygen concentrator environments.


The Final Patient Bacteria Filter (DDF Series) is comprised of high-quality and high-efficiency filter media to protect patients and their oxygen concentrators against sieve bed contamination. 


The Compressor Outlet/Filter Silencers (DFC Series) uses HEPA filtration to remove contaminants from air compressors in oxygen concentrators in order to maintain proper valve performance and extend molecular sieve life. 

LS - Humidiflow

HUMIDIFLOW® takes moisture from the ambient air to humidify the dry oxygen stream in oxygen concentrators with advanced membrane technology.    

LS - Pre-bypass filters

The preferred choice of perfusionists, Pentair’s prebypass filter are used during the priming of cardiopulmonary prebypass circuits to help promote complication-free patient recovery.


The OEM Membrane Air Dryers developed by Pentair were designed to dehydrate compressed air and withstand the physical stresses of pressure cycling and piston air compressor systems. 


Comprehensive line of high-efficiency chemical and bacteria resistant filters. These nominal and Beta 5000-rated cartridges offer high purity filtration for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.


Stealth ABS (Active Breather System) dehydrates the oil reservoir headspace, eliminating the need to continually replace conventional desiccant breathers, and delivering effortless maintenance.


Premium quality Triflex Series GF-200AB and GFN-200 Microfiberglass Filter Cartridges deliver high-purity nominal or absolute filtration using proprietary technology.


Clean oil is fundamental to operational reliability. UltiDri is an easily scalable and versatile oil conditioning system to remove solid contaminants and free, emulsified, and dissolved water from lubrication and hydraulic systems.


The Ultrafit series filters install into most existing housings without any kits or modifications to the filter. Ultrafit series replacement filter housing for top OEM manufacturers.

star laboratory


Pentair STAR Laboratories provides scientific and technical support to clients who face complex issues in solids, liquids and gas separation. We also provide validation services, application evaluations, sample analyses and testing to bring products to perfection. Equipped with the right expertise, advanced instruments and testing systems, STAR Labs are the specialists to count on for resolving technical issues in separation and filtration.