Optimization & Customization

We integrate Application Specific Customization (ASC) in to all the solutions we offer. This is an interactive process where a team of our research and development specialists work with our customer’s key personnel to develop a customized filtration or separation solution specifically for the requirements of their device.

We begin by evaluating the problem statement which is to be solved  by filtration or separation and go on to investigate and evaluate many other items such as Aftermarket capture requirements, user interface and final packaging and installation needs that may need to be incorporated in the design.

Far beyond providing a component, we help define and capture the best solution both for the functionality of the device as well as taking into concern the ability to achieve consumable revenue for our customers.  We develop not only novel and unique solutions but long term partnerships.

featured case studies

Medical casestudy image Pentair Engineered Filtration

new membrane dryer delivering results

medical lab

Industrial casestudy image Pentair Engineered Filtration

improving drilling rig efficiency

oil conditioning

Case Study Dental

new membrane dryer delivering results

dental medical lab