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HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier

HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier acts as a heat and moisture exchanger to help maintain the humidity and thermal energy in fuel cells for optimal operation and longevity.

HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier


  • Replaceable membrane modules
  • Size, shape and weight
  • Supply chain and scale
  • Efficiency and performance
  • Ease of use, customizable
  • Durability
  • Partnership
  • Contributes to sustainability



A fuel cell efficiently produces electricity via a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. Humidifiers maintain the hydration of fuel cell stacks, enhancing electron flow and preventing damage. Pentair developed a line of humidifiers tailored for hydrogen fuel cells, backed by a decade of industry expertise and producing over 40,000 moisture transfer modules annually.

Our Humidipower Fuel Cell Humidifier thrives in extreme conditions, ensuring optimal humidification with minimal energy usage. The innovation lies in customizable fluid interfaces and orientations, offering tailored solutions. With a modular, scalable design and standardized replaceable membrane modules, Pentair's humidifiers reduce total ownership costs by up to 30% while seamlessly integrating into fuel cell systems.


Pentair's advanced Fuel Cell Humidifiers are versatile and can be used across various applications, including:

  • Light duty trucks/ vans
  • Buses
  • Material handling
  • Ships/ Boats
  • Planes
  • Rail or Trains
  • Garbage trucks/ refuse trucks
    Stationary power generation

Humidipower - cathode air humidification


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