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FLUIDPRO - purge port

The FluidPro® Membrane Air Dryers  with Purge Control enables operators to turn the purge air on and off and change the flow rate for maximum control and flexibility.

FluidPro Purge Port
FluidPro purge port


  • Adjustable purge rates to achieve desired performance
  • Suitable for pressure cycling; allows line and dryer to stay pressurized
  • Option to utilize a purge gas other than the gas being dehydrated
    • Suitable for alternative gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and other specialty gases
    • Ability to use an exhaust gas as purge for operational cost optimization
  • Potential energy savings due to ability to turn off purge when system is not in use
  • Potential for waste minimization
  • Collection of valuable purge gases or potentially hazardous by-products 
  • More consistent performance in cycling applications

functional description

FluidPro® Membrane Air Dryers can be supplied with Purge Control for maximum flexibility or specific applications. The port enables users to attach valves and piping in systems that need on/off control, flow rate control and the option to use other purge gases than the one being dehydrated. Purge Control also enables waste minimization, and a more consistent performance in cycling applications. When air is compressed, the water vapor naturally present in the air can easily condense into liquid water, even at moderate ambient temperatures. In order to prevent this and in order to protect your equipment and process integrity, the FluidPro® Membrane Air Dryer dehydrates the air in compressed air systems. Available in a range of sizes, FluidPro® has no moving parts and operates silently. 

Ideal for 24/7 flow applications, the vented ports continuously allow sweep air to take away the extracted water vapor. In pressure cycling or other applications where the air stops and starts, Purge Control maintains a constant line pressure. FluidPro® Membrane Air Dryers apply state-of-the-art membrane technology for dependable and consistent performance. As moist air enters the membrane air dryer, the water diffuses through the membrane and collects on the outside of the fibers. Dry purge air then sweeps away the moisture and exhausts it to the atmosphere as a humid air stream. 

what it does


Vented ports are designed to allow sweep air to continuously exhaust extracted water vapor into the ambient surroundings. This is ideal for 24/7 operations in continuous flow applications and for the economical venting of vaporized water in air. When applied to intermittent applications where the air stops and starts or the purge air is a valuable or potentially hazardous by-product. 

Pentair’s FluidPro™ Membrane Air Dryers with purge control ports maintain a constant line pressure in applications where the process air is cycled off and on. 

The external purge port orifice can be connected to a valve to shut off purge air when the system is not in use, the purge port can be connected to a manual or automatic controller to adjust the purge rates to achieve the desired performance.


  • Manufacturing – chemicals, pharmaceuticals
  • Marine – engine room, working air, ship refurbishment
  • Oilfield compressor skids & Offshore drilling rigs
  • Mining – conveyers and air tools
  • Rail - braking systems, pneumatic air
  • Construction - Sand blasting, jack hammering