The most important objective in compressed-air processing is to remove contamination and humidity from the compressed air. The condensation of water in compressed air systems causes corrosion, promotes the growth of micro-organisms and represents a permanent danger to the operating procedure. Compressed air with a high content of humidity can lead, for example, to a breakdown of the pneumatic controls, to increased wear and tear or to other failures in the production process.

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features and benefits

About our FluidPro Membrane Air Dryers:

  • Proven air technology with consistent and predictable performance
  • Compact and lightweight, easily integrate into existing compressed air systems
  • Low purge air consumption
  • Silent operation, no moving parts
  • No electricity
  • 24/7 Attendance free operation
  • Ability to exhaust air (no condensation collection necessary)
  • No consumables (refrigerants or desiccants)

Our Fluid Pro with purge port offers you:

  • Increased membrane durability due to minimizing effect of compressor cycling
  • Ability to collect air if hazardous or precious gas
  • Ability to use different purge gas
  • Ability to add muffler to prevent contamination
  • Option to add remote or manual flow rate controls to optimize air usage

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Pentair FluidPro

clean & dry air

The FluidPro® Membrane Air Dryer technology is proven to make it easier and less expensive to provide pneumatic equipment and instrumentation with clean, dry compressed air. Building on this success, Pentair has developed a line of membrane air dryers with purge ports for more control and flexibility.


The FluidPro Membrane Air Dryer with Purge Port enables users to toggle purge air on or off, or even change purge flow rates. This helps to reduce purge waste and gives the ability to use a purge gas other than what is being dehydrated. The purge port can provide more consistent performance in cycling applications.

Pentair FluidPro Purge port


Pentair's Fluid Pro Membrane Air Dryers provide clean and dry compressed air for increased equipment reliability and reduced energy costs. Did you know our membrane air dryers provided reliable and consistent performance, are easy to install, and have maintenance-free design.