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Pneumatic & industrial processing

We partner with OEMs to develop solutions that allow them to capture all of their aftermarket filtration.  With a wide range of media types, we are able to specifically engineer solutions that meet your application specifications.

Working on custom solutions with clients
Our team of engineers and scientists partner with clients to develop custom solutions.


  • Silent air drying technology delivers high quality air without reoccurring maintenance costs
  • Compressed air prefiltration with custom and proprietary fittings to ensure our customer’s manage the aftermarket
  • Industry leading air drying technology for precise and predictable humidity control
  • Library of filter media and technologies to meet any ISO 8573-1 compressed air class requirement
  • Versatile and patented air drying technology flexible enough to prevent condensing conditions or generate extreme low dew point air
  • In Medical applications, compressed air treatment provides low dew point compressed air for virus and bacteria control  


Pneumatic & Industrial Filters

Manufacturing Process Filtration is necessary to ensure the optimal operation of manufacturing equipment and consistent product quality.  Pentair manufactures thousands of filter cartridges are available in a variety of configurations for coalescing, particulate, and absorption applications.  

These cartridges are designed for direct replacement into existing filter housings - no modifications or kits required. These filters are available in proprietary OEM, standard, and aftermarket applications.

application areas

Compressed air or gas leaving a compressor is not typically suitable quality for the intended use due to moisture, particulates, and hydrocarbons within the air stream. Plant air, valves, air power tools, instrument air and breathing air are a few applications that require clean, dry air to prevent equipment failure.

  • Industrial Compressors
  • Valve & Actuator Air Preparation
  • Dental Compressed Air 
  • Pneumatic Tools 
  • Industrial Automation
  • Instrumentation 
  • Telecommunication 
  • Coatings
  • Transportation


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