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Compressed air & gas treatment

Pentair’s rapid prototyping process offers customers the ability to quickly develop custom solutions to meet their filtration needs. We partner with OEMs to develop solutions that allow the OEM to capture all of their aftermarket filtration.

Compressed Air and Gas Treatment
Clean, dry air or humidity control is critical to many processes.


Equipment Protection
  • Pentair’s silent air drying technology consistently delivers high quality air without the reoccurring maintenance costs
  • Compressed air prefiltration with custom and proprietary fittings to ensure our customer’s manage the aftermarket
  • Proprietary medias and designs to maximize contaminant holding in air streams
Process Optimization
  • Optimize humidity, particulate, oil levels, pressure drop, filter life and change out scenarios for any operational condition. With technologies and medias to meet any ISO 8573-1 compressed air class requirement
  • Wide range of media & filtration designs to meet standard or challenging compressed air treatment problems
Patient Protection
  • In Medical applications, compressed air treatment provides low dew point compressed air for virus and bacteria control

about compressed air & gas

With industry leading air drying technology, customers receive precise and predictable humidity control that is ''flexible'' enough to prevent condensing conditions or generate extreme low dew point air.

For medical applications, silent air drying technology delivers the most consistent and highest quality air, which also requires no reoccurring maintenance costs.

application areas

Industrial Compressors
From particulate & oil vapor removal to dew point control, Pentair technology delivers what the application demands.

Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cells
Humidification and Humidifier needs for optimal and long life of hydrogen powered fuel cells.

Valve & Actuator Air Preparation
Controlling the compressed air quality that drives pneumatic valves and actuators is essential in preventing unnecessary interruptions while helping to ensure consistent quality.  

Dental Compressed Air 
Compressed air drying technology provides low dew point air without noise and electricity.

Pneumatic Tools 
Varying operating environments causes uncertainty in tool performance. Pentair compressed air technologies can reduce the uncertainty and ensure superior performance. 
Industrial Automation and Air Preparation for Semiconductor and Secondary / Lithium Battery Production
Air preparation filtration solutions to ensure optimal air quality for valve & actuator operation. Clean, dry air needs for semiconductor and lithium battery production.

Ensuring instrumentation stays functional in all environments is instrumental to plant operations. 

Air management is instrumental in ensuring cell & radar tower performance.  

Coatings operations from large scale paint application in automotive manufacturing, short run chrome application in a plating plant, electrocoating to compressed air preparation for HVLP sprayers.

Without proper filtration, no ship, train, car, truck or boat would run effectively or efficiently. From air brake system filtration to compressor intake filters to tire inflation air units.