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Cardiovascular care

Together with partners in the cardiovascular medical device market, we develop innovative solutions in blood reservoir filtration, cardiovascular surgery preparation, blood transfusions and minimally invasive treatment. 

Cardiovascular Care
Cost effective, differentiated filtration and separation for better patient outcomes.


  • Helps to promote a complication-free patient recovery
  • Extensive design and manufacturing experience 
  • High quality products including
    • Consistent, even coating with medical anti-foam agents
    • Proprietary high performance felt
    • A wide range of media for optimal flow and contamination control
    • Precision wrapping and sealing to prevent filter bypass
  • Custom and off-the-shelf solutions
  • Consistently passes rigorous requirements
  • Fully automated and sophisticated manufacturing process
  • STAR Lab with state-of-the-art instruments for filter development, testing, and certification
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485, 510(k) status, and FDA approved manufacturing facility

about cardiovascular care

Cardiovascular Care Solutions

Key areas in cardiovascular filtration include air handling, foam management, removal of particulate debris including clots and cell compositions, and removing bacterial contamination from priming fluids.

All of these critical needs are optimized through various types of sophisticated filtration which need to be balanced and designed for maximum efficiency. We have been a steadfast partner for over a decade for the cardiovascular medical device market and continue to help our partners to innovate and focus on better patient outcomes with cost effective differentiated solutions.

application areas

Blood Reservoir Filtration
Blood reservoirs collect blood from patient circuits and filter clots, emboli and are often optimized for air handling and minimal foaming. Many manufacturers seek to defoam blood in the blood reservoir to reduce bubbles from aspirated blood and to minimize gaseous micro emboli from being carried through the system and affect patient outcomes during surgery. Pentair’s proprietary foam and felt technology effectively removes and prevents the foaming of blood during cardiovascular surgery.

Cardiovascular Surgery Preparation
Pentair’s Pre-Bypass Filters have been preferred by perfusionists for years as a reliable way to protect patients when priming cardiovascular devices for years. The primary function of these filters is to reduce micro emboli and other particles which could remain in the circuit and to help improve patient care during critical operations. 

Blood Transfusions
The rapid transfusion of blood can result in trapped air.  Pentair manufactures bubble traps to remove air to guard against air embolism during blood transfusions.

Minimally Invasive Treatment
The advancement of minimally invasive surgery and growth has dramatically affected patient care and increased the rate of patient recovery significantly. With the various forms of minimally invasive surgery, it is critical to expand the workroom area for these devices to effectively operate within body cavities. Pentair’s cartridge filters can help to provide the sterile fluids for laparoscopic surgery, endoscopy reprocessors, sterile irrigation systems, and other minimally invasive technologies. 

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