HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier
25 August 2017

HumidiPowerâ„¢ Fuel Cell Humidifier for Industrial Applications

HOUSTON– August 14, 2017 – Pentair, a global leader in filtration, separation, flow and fluid management, has designed, manufactured, and launched the HumidiPower™ Fuel Cell Humidifi...

HOUSTON– August 14, 2017 – Pentair, a global leader in filtration, separation, flow and fluid management, has designed, manufactured, and launched the HumidiPower™ Fuel Cell Humidifier, a new solution that helps to maintain uninterrupted operation and longevity in fuel cells.

The HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier offers the following advantages:

• Patented spiral wound hollow fiber design for high efficiency moisture transfer to air and other gases;
• Robust design for years of reliable service;
• Compact and lightweight;
• Low pressure drop to help minimize energy usage;
• Consumes no electricity;
• Derives humidity from fuel cell exhaust;
• Recycles moisture from purge gas; and,
• Available to customers as a convenient off-the-shelf design or as a custom design to suit specifications.*

Pentair’s Fuel Cell Humidifiers are field-tested and designed for use in fuel cell applications. Fuel cells can be installed on buses, cars, and trains to provide continuous electricity with little to no emissions. The use of fuel cell technology, which relies upon electrochemical reactions to produce electricity, is gaining acceptance as a clean energy solution for reducing harmful air emissions.  

“As fuel cells depend upon adequate moisture levels to keep electrons flowing, balancing humidity within a fuel cell is critical for efficient operation. Extremely dry conditions or excessive water can result in subpar fuel cell function. Pentair’s HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier effectively addresses these issues by cycling water and heat from the fuel cell exhaust for continuous humidification,” explained Nick Lessard, senior engineering supervisor, Pentair. 

Pentair’s HumidiPower Fuel Cell Humidifier is manufactured in St. Paul, Minn., and is available for delivery to customers around in the world. For additional information, please visit, call 800-759-6693, or email

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*Pentair applies its Application Specific Customization (ASC™) interactive process through which a team of the company’s research and development specialists works closely with customers’ key personnel to develop a customized filtration or separation solution specifically for the requirements of their device.

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